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Bulletin Board

Youth Mixed Martial Arts


Sensei, Randall Butler, teaches twice a week on-site to our 3 - 12 year old's. Focusing on self discipline, self control and confidence. 

Mrs. Pam Johnson


Did you know Mrs Pam has been with CCA for 15 years? She was originally hired on when the company first opened in 2004! 

Tuck & Tumble


Mrs. Rachel, with Tuck & Tumble visits us weekly to teach basic tumbling and gymnastics. She work with 2 - 12 years old's on site. 

Our Curriculum


We use an monthly thematic outline for the teachers to structure learning activities around.

Active Learning


Hands-on experiences are supported through daily routines, planning, and a well organized team of teachers. 

Mighty Kicks Soccer


Weekly soccer lessons are available on-site for 3-5 year old's. Building social skills, motor skills & life skills. 

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